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9 - 10 January 2023 

To Pattern Hope For The Future, What Are The Leadership Essentials?

The Dialogue

What can you possibly learn at a Dialogue that you cannot search for online? When it comes to information, the answer is clearly, nothing.

However, when it’s about meaningful, positive change, a space to renew in the company of others who, and connecting with people in person, being in a Dialogue with all the multifaceted perspectives and experiences, participants say it ‘makes all the difference’.

This annual dialogue brings together leaders from diverse backgrounds, different approaches reflecting a rich range of perspectives. The power of the two-day dialogue is through the energy and commitment that each person brings to developing key questions that are given attention over the time together. The approach provides for a safe but challenging environment while maintaining flexibility, emergence and upholding individual responsibility.

We know the Leadership Dialogue is a valued experience for everyone involved because each person who participates is invested in getting together with other leaders who care about what they do and how they do it, and share a commitment to work with great questions.

The 2023 Dialogue

This year’s dialogue aims to create an experience that feels different, nourishing, expansive.

We will continue in the spirit of dialogue and to incorporate elements that allow us to lean further into the changing contexts we are operating in. On recent WLD events we have heard a call for strengthening relationships, for deepening the conversations that matter and for play and experimentation. In response to these calls we plan to make this year’s Dialogue a place where we can experience hope without ignoring the gravity of our situation, where we can embody a range of approaches towards the future and then each hone in on what’s most essential for us in our specific situation. Questions to explore within the context of Patterning Hope for the Future might include:

  • What to let go of and what to hold on to?

  • When to tighten and when to relax into uncertainty?

  • What’s really essential for leaders and leadership development?

  • To what extent is boldness, courage and embracing adventure core for the future?

  • What’s mine to do and what do I need from others to sustain and support me?

  • How does the role of ‘leader in a system’ impact future action?

We aim to generate and explore our key questions in an atmosphere of reciprocal relationships, deepening conversations and imaginative experimentation.

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